Adult Training Day January 2019


On Sunday 20th January we had our first Adult training day of 2019. 

6 lovely adults took part in 2 sessions of both riding and stable management. 

The riding sessions consisted of lateral work e.g. leg yield, shoulder in and in general can the horses be straight, can they bend correctly. As well as grid jumping with a focus on getting the horse into a bouncy canter to enable the horse to have the controlled power to jump nicely over the jumps. 

While the stable management sessions were all about the conformation of the horse. What makes it good. What to look out for. How to view your horse before you get on to give you clues as to what they might find more challenging, or what you need to do to support them in certain areas. Also, how you need to take in to consideration the breed of the horse when looking, as you’re not going to look for the same thing in a cob vs a warmblood.