• We offer a range of horses/ponies on our share scheme.

  • Asti Equestrian retains ownership of the horse/pony and continues to care for the horse/pony and pay for its costs and use the horse/pony in the Riding School.

  • The sharer may ride the horse/pony whenever it is not being used by the Riding School, using the yard facilities (e.g. outdoor schools, jump paddock, small paddocks as available).

  • We suggest that due to the volume of lessons at weekends, you take the opportunity to ride before 10.00am or after 4.00pm as between these hours the horse/ponies are generally being used. You are however, welcome to check availability of your particular horse/pony during prime times.

  • This scheme is intended for those of you thinking of privately loaning or purchasing your own horse/pony.

  • Muck out if necessary, clean your tack and generally learn more about the day to day care and commitment required when having your own horse/pony. This is not a scheme for those who just want to ride.

  • Each share period is for 3 calendar months. Cost is £375 per 3 months, payable in advance.

  • Sharers are requested to attend at least one of our CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions within their share -period.


  • The Share horse/pony will be available for use when not used in lessons.

  • You are responsible for your own health and safety when handling or riding the share horse/pony.

  • Any illness or injury of the share horse/pony should be reported immediately to a member of staff.

  • Sharers under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times whilst on the yard.

  • Sharers under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times when hacking out, catching in and turning out of horse/pony.

  • Tack should be cleaned after each use and any repairs needed should be reported immediately to a member of staff.

  • Share horses and ponies can only be schooled for a maximum of 45 minutes, hacking may be a little longer.

  • You must make sure share horses and ponies have at least 45 minutes rest either side of riding/lessons.

  • Please remember if your share horse/pony is sweaty after riding please put a sweat rug on wait for him/her to dry, brush off, put turnout rug on if required and turn out. If you are unsure consult with a member of staff.

  • Hooves MUST be picked out before every ride as well as when entering the school.

  • Droppings must be picked up immediately when riding in schools.

  • We are always happy to help with any questions or worries you may have, or even just a helping hand with a specific task.

  • At least one CPD training session must be attended within your 3 month share period..


 1. Unless participating in a lesson, sharers are responsible for their own health and safety. Yard staff are not responsible for the supervision, health and safety of sharers outside of lessons.

2. No child under the age of 13 may be left at Asti Equestrian unattended.  Any child age 17 or under when catching a horse or pony must have parental or adult supervision.

3. No smoking is allowed anywhere on our premises.

4. Always ensure the yard has up-to-date information of:

a. Your telephone number.

b. Your home address

c. Primary and emergency number for use in case of an accident/emergency to yourself.

5. If  you are age 17 and over, hacking out on your own always inform an adult of your general route and approximate time of return.  Always wear hi-viz clothing (available in tackroom).


6. If age 16 and over, when catching horses/ponies from fields off immediate site always inform an adult. If under 16 years of age, you must have a responsible adult with you.

7. When using the jump paddock or other fields always check first that there are no horses grazing. 

8. Report any damage i.e. show jumps, fencing etc. to yard staff. 

9. Report any sickness or injury of the horse/pony to yard staff immediately. 

10. Remember that all paddock fences at Asti Equestrian have electric wire along the top rail – do not touch. 

11. Make sure you are aware of Fire Precautions on the yard. Please take time to read the Fire Drill and note you may be asked to attend a practise Fire Drill. (Please see Health & Safety file).

12. Be aware the First Aid Post is located in the tuition office. All staff have received First Aid training. 

13. Never approach a horse or pony that does not belong to you or that you do not have on share. 

14. Always follow any health/safety guidelines issued from the yard. (see Health & Safety File).

15. Sharers who allow other adults or children to ride the horse/pony on share should carry out their own risk assessment but please be aware that any damage/disturbance caused by such use will be your responsibility.

16. Asti’s tack and/or equipment must be returned to the tack room. 

17. If you sustain an injury whilst at the yard please fill out the accident book.

18. The horsewalker is NOT for sharers use.

19. Hard hats that conform to current safety standards must be worn when riding horses and ponies on the yard premises. 

20. Hard hats that conform to current safety standards must be worn when lunging horses and ponies on the yard premises. 

21. Anyone aged 17 years and under MUST wear a hard hat that conforms to current safety standards when catching and turning out horses and ponies. We also strongly recommend 17 years and over wear a hard hat that conforms to current safety standards when catching and turnout horses and ponies. 

22. Body protectors must be worn when jumping. 

23. Please be aware we here at Asti Equestrian are a ‘working farm’ so please be vigilant of farm machinery.

24. Sharers are not permitted in any of the farm storage areas.

25. Please respect other clients/liveries and staff at all times. (Please see Health & Safety File – Code of Conduct)

26. Please respect all our yard and family pets, they live here and are part of our team. 

The yard and its staff will not be held responsible for any injury or items lost. 

Please note the Health & Safety File is located in the Tuition Office.