Meet our Horses/Ponies


Here at Asti we work with horses and ponies from 9HH to 17.2HH.

To meet the Asti family, please find below pictures and descriptions of our horse and ponies. 

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Asti's Milkman


Hi humans, I am Asti's Milkman, but I only get called that at shows, at home everyone calls me Ernie. 

I am a spotted Shetland and I was born on the 5th January 2011. 

Even though I am the smallest here at Asti at 41 inches, I feel like I should be a big thoroughbred.

Asti's Milkman


Ernie became a member of Team Asti in 2015. Since then he has taken part in the riding school, but has also gone out to shows and driving trials. 

He absolutely loves attention. 



Hello everyone, my name is Silver and I am a grey 11.2hh gelding. I was was born in 1997.

I love to be groomed and pampered, and will stand there all day very happily. 



Silver became a member of Team Asti in 2016. Since then he has become popular with the very little ones. Silver takes part in all riding school activities, from tot rides, to summer camps and gymkhanas. 



Hey, my name is Bumble and I am 12hh New Forest, bay roan gelding. I was born in 1998, and my favourite thing to do is to jump.  



Bumble became a member of Team Asti in 2012, where he quickly became very popular, for all activities.  

Roel Merrylegs


Hi everyone, my name is Roel Merrylegs but otherwise known as ML. I was born on 30th May 2003, and I am a 12hh bay roan gelding. 

My new found love is carriage driving, which I started in 2015.

Since then I have been learning lots more about driving and I have also been out competing. 

Roel Merrylegs


ML became a member of Team Asti in 2011, and since then has been taking part in lots of different activities, from tot rides to driving trials.  

Buzz Lightening


To infinity and beyond, thats me Buzz. I am a skewbald 12.1hh gelding, and I was born in 2007.

I absolutely adore cuddles, and will enjoy cuddles and attention for hours.  

Buzz Lightening


Buzz became a member of Team Asti in 2014. Since then he has become another pony that takes part in not only the riding school, but also in driving trials.



Hello, my name is Pickles and I am a 12.1hh Dartmoor Hill black gelding. I was born in 2011. 

I love my job and saying hello to people, so if you see me please say hello. 



Pickles became a member of Team Asti in 2015. Currently he is used to teach the little ones on tot rides, and also takes part in gymkhanas.  

Mr Bean


Mr Bean that's me. I  was born on 1st May 2011 and I am a 12.2hh piebald Cob gelding with a very full and extremely long mane and tail, which the kids seem to love to plait as there is so much of it.  

Mr Bean


Mr Bean became a member of Team Asti in 2017. Immediately he became a very popular sort after pony. 

While enjoying life in the riding school, he has occasionally attended local shows, where he has done really well. 



Hi I am MJ, a 12.2hh black gelding. I was born in 2012, and my favourite thing to do is to eat grass. 



MJ became a member of Team Asti in 2018. 

Since then he has shown how much of a character he is, while also enjoying learning more about his job. 

Little Boy Blue


Hello my name is Little Boy Blue, otherwise known as Tommy. I was born in June 2004. and I am a New Forest X grey 12.3hh gelding. I love going for a nice hack around the countryside. 

Little Boy Blue


Tommy became a member of Team Asti in 2017. Since then he has taken part in all different events, activities and lessons that have happened here at Asti.  



Yo! what's up, I'm Billy a chestnut 12.3hh gelding. My birthday is 9th April 2012. 

After helping to teach my little riders, I love to go back out to my field to see my friends and munch of the green grass.



Billy became a member of Team Asti in 2018.  He is a very lovable little chap, who is prefect for the younger ones to develop their riding.  

Felinmor Moonsprite


Hello I'm Felinmor Moonsprite, but everyone just called me Moonie. I am a 13.2hh Welsh Section C, chestnut mare. 

My birthday is 7th May 2000. 

I am a very happy mare, I just enjoy life. 

Felinmor Moonsprite


Moonie became a member of Team Asti in 2016. She is a very popular member of our team, especially as she loves to please everyone. She will stand for hours to be groomed, and will very happily get on with her job too.



'Ello I am Dooli, I am a 13.3hh bay gelding, and I was born in August 2008. 

I love attention and cuddles. 

Fun fact about me is that I can jump a 3ft jump from trot. 



Dooli became a member of Team Asti in 2014. Since then has really proven what an awesome pony he is. He has a brilliant character, and helps to teach everyone from children to adults to ride. 

Manny the Mammoth


Hey I am Manny the Mammoth, but because that's a mouthful to say all the time, everyone calls me Mannie. 

I was born in 2012, and I am a 13.3hh black gelding. 

I love to have any or all the attention anyone is willing to give me, and cuddles to, I love cuddles. 

Manny the Mammoth


Mannie became a member of Team Asti in 2012. Since he has been here most of his life, when he became ready to be part of the riding school, he took to it like a duck to water. 



Hi people, I am Paddy and I was born in 2001, I am a piebald 14hh gelding.

I have the best time when I get to go for a gallop around the fields.  



Paddy became a member of Team Asti in 2014. He has proved to be fun for everyone to ride. He will be steady for the beginners, and will also give much more for the more experienced.

Pantlleinau Sara


Hello, my name is Pantlleinau Sara, and Sara for short. I am a 14.1hh Welsh Section D bay mare, whose birthday is 7th June 2005. 

I love my home comforts. 

Pantlleinau Sara


Sara became a member of Team Asti in 2012.  Sara is a lovely horse, who unfortunately hasn't had the best opportunities in life, now she is developing her skills in our riding school, and has so much more to give.



Hey humans, I'm Bobby and I was born in 2008, I am a 14.2hh piebald Traditional Cob gelding. 

I love everything from people, to my job, food and being in my field with my friends. 



Bobby became a member of Team Asti in 2012. Since he arrived to Asti as a young pony he was able to get lots of love and attention, before he started his job as a riding school pony. 

Like some of our others he has also been taken out to shows, where he has been amazing. 

Dinky Doughnut


Heya I'm Dinky Doughnut a 14.2 hh skewbald gelding, and my birthday is 7th July 2010. 

I absolutely adore people, and treats.

Dinky Doughnut


Dinky became a member of Team Asti in 2017. Since then he has just been settling in and finding his feet, while also learning more about his job. 

He has also been taken out to his first local show with us where he behaved impeccably.  



Hi, I am Bramble and I was born on 2nd March 2011. I am a tri-coloured 14.2hh gelding.

I really enjoy trying different things and learning new things. 



Bramble became a member of Team Asti in 2017. Since then he has been enjoying different activities that we offer here at Asti, for example: camps, gymkhanas and hacks. While also just learning more, e.g. lateral work. 

Jack II


Hey, my name is Jack II, but everyone calls me Jimmy, I am a 14.3hh dark bay New Forest X, and my birthday is 28th April 2006. 

One of my favourite things to do is trot poles. 

Jack II


Jimmy became a member of Team Asti in  2017. Since then he has been settling in and learning more about his job. 

Gypsy Queenie


Hi I am Gypsy Queenie, otherwise known as Poppy, and I'm a 14.2hh piebald mare.

Gypsy Queenie


Poppy became a member of Team Asti in October 2018. Being new she is still settling in.

Prince Favoski


Hello everyone my real name is Prince Favoski but everyone calls me Charlie.  I was born in 2002, and i'm a 15hh bay gelding. 

My best friend is Loopsi. 

Prince Favoski


Charlie became a member of Team Asti in 2014, and has since become a very well loved and popular member of the team. 



Hey, I'm Romeo. I was born in April 2009, and i'm a 15hh piebald gelding. 

I have a very long and full mane and tail, which I love to have plaited, and secretly I enjoy the attention, but sshhh! don't tell anyone.  



Romeo became a member of Team Asti in  2017, and has since built up a big fan club. He will do anything that is asked of him, making him perfect for all riders. 

Black Jack


Hi I am Black Jack, Jack for short. I was born in 2002 I am a 15.1 black gelding, and I just love my job. 

Black Jack


Jack became a member of Team Asti in 2017, and has since built up a huge fan club, as he will just give everything he can. He just aims to please everyone. 



Hello my name is Helen, but everyone calls me Hattie. I was born in April 2008. I am a 15.3hh black mare, and I love to help teach people to ride. 



Hattie became a member of Team Asti in 2014. Since then she has been excelling in her job and enjoying all activities, while gaining a fan club.  She has a huge heart. 

Ballybeg Mint


Hi my name is Ballybeg Mint, but everyone just calls me Stanley. 

I was born in 2009, and I am a 16.2hh piebald gelding. 

I love to learn, and also to have cuddles.  

Ballybeg Mint


Stanley became a member of Team Asti in 2017, and since has been joining in lots of activities, that have been organised at Asti, for example, camps, competitions and adult training days. He has also more recently been learning Horse Ball. 

Solcum Harold


'Ello my name is Solcum Harold, but everyone calls me Harry. I was born in June 1996, and I am a 16.2hh handsome bay gelding. 

My absolute favourite thing, is to event, it's so much fun. 

Solcum Harold


Harry became a member of Team Asti in  2013. Since then he has been out competing in not only eventing, but also showing, wining many red rossettes.

Miami Metro


Hello my name is Miami Metro, but everyone calls me Dexter, and I am a big bay gelding.  My birthday is 14th March 2009. I am the tallest member of Team Asti, at 17hh. 

My favourite thing to do is to challenge my mum, Eve. 

Miami Metro


Dexter became a member of Team Asti in 2016. Since arriving at Asti to be Eve's horse, we have all enjoyed watching the two of them bond and build a connection.  Watch out for this pair!!

He has been out competing over the last few years and has done well. 

Meet the Young and Retried Horses

Asti Joyful Joker


Hey everyone, my name is Asti Joyful Joker, but Joker for short. 

My birthday is 27th April 2017. 

Asti St George


Hi everyone, I am Asti St George, George for short. 

My Birthday is 23rd April 2015. 

Asti's Midnight Prancer


Hello, my name is Asti's Midnight Prancer, but normally I just get called Prancer. 

I was born on 12th June 2013. 

Asti Heartbreak


Hi people, my name is Asti Heartbreak, but it always gets shortened to Heart. My Birthday is 16th April 2013. 

Asti Ice Blue


Hey friends, I am Asti Ice Blue, but I prefer Blue.

My birthday is 10th April 2013. 



Howdy, i'm Reggie, and I was born in January 2013. 

Coehen Fancy That


Hi, my full name is Coehen Fancy That, but everyone calls me Little Harry. 

I was born in May 2012. 

Black Bear


Hello, my name is Black Bear, and Bear for short.  

I was born in 2012. 

Fabulous Flo


Hello, everyone I am Fabulous Flo, Flo for short. 

I was born in 2008. 



What's up people, my name is Dodger, but for some reason everyone calls me Rodger. 

I was born in 2000. 

Synod Blue Peter


Hello to everyone, even though my full name is Synod Blue Peter, everyone calls me Peewee. I am now enjoying my retirement  after teaching so many little ones to ride at Asti, as well as having fun with the small teenagers.

My Birthday is in 1989.

Midnight Sun


Hey everyone one, my name is Midnight Sun, but I always get called Loopsi.

I was a riding school pony here at Asti, but I am now loving being retried, and spending all day in the field with my friends. 

My Birthday is 17th May 1989.